Passion & Dedication




Since its inception, nothing has changed much in our classical sculpture workshop, from the tools we use to sculpt to the way we process and work marble.  Originally, the tools that were used the most were various different types of chisel beaten with hammers and mallets, as well as hand drills, rasps and abrasive tools, whose rhythmic, incessant  beat became the soundtrack of the workshop, accompanying the creative and finishing processes of the sculptures. The only innovation which has become part of everyday use is pneumatic equipment, extremely useful when working blocks of marble, above all in the initial, roughing out stages.

The Art Studio is located  in the heart of Pietrasanta, the world center for the artistic working of marble.  Inside, where marble dust covers models and drawings, the passion of expert hands has passed down the art of sculpture, an age-old craft that never ceases to surprize and attract. A long tradition with an expressive style of exceptional intensity, has left an impression on each work, that vital touch which only man can instil in material. The Art Studio’s production has been far-ranging and characterized by impressive reproductions of works by famous classical artists (over 5 meters), free-standing sculpture and large-scale monumental works.

Statues in white marble - Statuario Carrara, woman with child
Statues in white marble - Statuario Carrara

``Man’s naked form belongs to no particular moment in history; it is eternal and can be looked upon with joy by people of all ages.`` (Auguste Rodin)

In addition to reproductions of classical works of art like Michelangelo’s David and the Venus de Milo, the studio has created numerous free-standing, religious art sculptures from models in our own plaster cast gallery or models as supplied;  bas relief, high relief, decorative panels, parts for artistic fireplaces, fountains, vases and many other items, from  plans and drawings. The workshop specializes  in reproductions of sculptures and architectural elements in all classical styles, for the  conservation, repair and restoration of cathedrals, antique buildings and period villas, museums and monuments (capitals, columns, architraves, portals, façade elements, ornamental elements, freizes, decorative work, ecc.).  Many great masters of modern art have made it their studio of choice by realizing many of their famous works here, and it is still a benchmark for many contemporary artists who work here to create their sculptures.

Statues in white marble - Statuario Carrara, Horses