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Logic Art is the answer to the creative needs of architects and designers and to the new possibilities offered by technology in stone applications. As a result of innovative stone processing methods introduced in recent years, contemporary architecture has been reinvigorated with new energy. CNC cutting machinery and robotics make it possible to realize incredible work that would otherwise have been impossible even to imagine. This radical change has allowed news forms of expression to emerge, by means of which there are can no longer be any real limits on creativity and imagination.

The application of natural stone takes on new identities as it transforms the traditional vision of architecture into a stunning reinterpretation of space, where lightness plays an exceptional leading role. Logic Art has perfected these new application techniques and studies the specific processing methods of each material in relation to a given project. It is therefore possible, and less costly, to make architectural features and items of decor of high aesthetic value and strong, emotional impact, such as sturdy and delicate solid marble bathtubs, washbasins, and original items, that are true works of art.

A good design doesn’t come from an ambitious desire to leave a mark, the mark of the designer, but from the will to establish an exchange, however small, with the unknown person who will use the object we have designed. (Achille Castiglioni)

Marble throne with goose shaped arms
Brown Marble Fountain
Marble Design - 1
Marble Bath-Tub - Architecture

The workshop carries out prestigious bespoke design projects which sees the use of  lightweight, curved marble, a technique that Logic Art has been experimenting for a long time, in order to obtain the ultra-thin thickness of the material, making applications possible that were previously difficult to achieve. Besides this, we make three-dimensional cladding, solid stone shower trays, a range of basin styles in any shape, form or material, backlit marble walls and magnificent book-matched compositions.

White Marble Bath Tub Design
Black Marble Portoro - Fountain